Running a Full Node

Running a full node

Save your Chain ID in dydxprotocold config

Save the chain-id. This will make it so you do not have to manually pass in the chain-id flag for every CLI command.

dydxprotocold config chain-id $CHAIN_ID

Getting a Snapshot

See snapshot service.

Slinky Sidecar

Starting in v5.0.0, running a validating full node requires a Skip Protocol's Slinky Sidecar to be run in order to fetch Oracle prices. The sidecar should be started before upgrading from v4 to v5. Instructions to start Slinky Sidecar can be found here (opens in a new tab).

Support issues with Skip's Sidecar should be directed here (opens in a new tab).

For mainnet deployment by dYdX Operation Services, Ltd. run: N/A

For testnet run: v0.3.2 (opens in a new tab) (

Start a Full Node

Find the seed node's ID and the IP address from Resources. Then, run the following command to start a non-validating full node.

For example,

dydxprotocold start --p2p.seeds="..." --bridge-daemon-eth-rpc-endpoint="<eth rpc endpoint>" --non-validating-full-node=true

💡Note: if you want to disable gRPC on your full node, it is important to start the node with the --non-validating-full-node=true flag. Otherwise, the application will require that gRPC be enabled.