Slashing a Validator

Slashing a validator

The chain supports slashing of misbehaving validators through governance vote.

Proposal Message

The proposal should contain a single MsgSlashValidator (opens in a new tab) message for each validator that should be slashed.


  • The slashing will occur when the proposal is passed, not the infraction_height.
  • The infraction_height must be set so that time(proposal pass height) - time(infraction_height) < unbonding period. Typically a good choice for infraction_height is the current height unless there is a recent unbonding undelegation/redelegation that should be included in the slash. In that case the infraction_height should be set prior to the initiation of the undelegation/redelegation.
  • Both tokens_at_infraction_height and slash_factor must be set correctly, otherwise undelegations and redelegations might be slashed disproportionately to the rest of the validator's stake. tokens_at_infraction_height * slash_factor determines the total amount of tokens to be slashed. Unbonding delegations and redelegations are first slashed by slash_factor, and then the remaining amount is taken from the validator's stake.
  • The x/staking HistoricalInfo query endpoint can be used to find the correct value for tokens_at_infraction_height.
  • See the MsgSlashValidator (opens in a new tab) inline comments for further details on the above requirements.

Example Proposal Json

Below is an example proposal JSON file to propose a slashing a validator's total bonded tokens (both user delegated and self-delegated) by 0.2 at block height 5000. In other words:

  • assuming that the proposal passes governance vote
  • assuming that the validator has 1000 total bonded tokens at height 5000
  • once the proposal is passed, the validator will lose 200 tokens
  • if there are unbonding undelegations and redelegations since height 5000, they will lose 0.2 of their stake, and the remaining will be taken from the validator for a total of 200 tokens lost
    "title": "Slash a validator",
    "summary": "We are proposing to slash this misbehaving validator for X reasons.",
    "deposit": "10000000000000000000000adv4tnt",
    "messages": [
          "@type": "/dydxprotocol.govplus.MsgSlashValidator",
          "authority": "dydx10d07y265gmmuvt4z0w9aw880jnsr700jnmapky",
          "validator_address": "dydxvalcons1z79h40nmd777scs93qjxaeak8m2cl6hpqg2rx9",
          "slash_factor": "0.2",
          "tokens_at_infraction_height": "1000",
          "infraction_height": 5000

Submitting an Onchain Proposal

Follow instructions here to submit an onchain proposal.