Submitting a Proposal

Submitting a Proposal

Obtaining the dydxprotocold Binary

For instructions on compiling the protocold binary locally, refer to the dYdX Protocol's README (opens in a new tab).

Alternatively, if your platform is supported by the prebuilt binaries found in the releases section (opens in a new tab) of the repository, you can opt to download and use these binaries directly.

Save your Chain ID in dydxprotocold config

Save the chain-id. This will make it so you do not have to manually pass in the chain-id flag for every CLI command.

dydxprotocold config chain-id [chain_id]

Confirming Connectivity

To ensure that you are successfully connecting, use any of the RPC endpoints listed in the resources. Remember to append :443 to the end of the RPC URI for proper access. Execute the following command, replacing [RPC ENDPOINT] with your chosen endpoint:

dydxprotocold status --node https://[RPC ENDPOINT]:443

Registering an Account in the Keychain

  • Choose a unique key name to replace [KEY NAME]. This name will be used to identify your key within the keychain.
dydxprotocold keys add [KEY NAME] --recover
  • Input your MNEMONIC into the terminal when prompted.

Crafting a Proposal File

To create a proposal, follow the template provided below. This structure outlines the essential elements of a proposal, including its title, deposit amount, summary, and specific messages.

  "messages": [
          [MESSAGE 1]
          [MESSAGE 2]

Once you have filled in the necessary details, save this structure as a JSON file. This file will be used in the submission process of your proposal.

Submitting the Proposal

dydxprotocold tx gov submit-proposal [PROPOSAL JSON FILE] --from [KEY NAME] --gas auto --fees [FEE AMOUNT IN TOKEN DENOMINATION] --node https://[RPC ENDPOINT]:443
  • [PROPOSAL JSON FILE]: This is the path to the JSON file containing your proposal details.
  • [KEY NAME]: This refers to the name of the key you added to your dYdX keychain. It identifies the account from which the proposal is being submitted. Replace this with the key name you chose when you added your account to the keychain.
  • [FEE AMOUNT IN TOKEN DENOMINATION]: This is the transaction fee for submitting the proposal, specified in the native token of the dYdX blockchain. You need to replace this with the actual amount and the token denomination.
  • [RPC ENDPOINT]: This is the endpoint of the RPC (Remote Procedure Call) node you are connecting to on the dYdX network. Replace this with the actual RPC endpoint URL you intend to use. Make sure to include :443 at the end of the URL for the correct port.