Indexer Operators
Software Checklist

v4 Software – Checklist

The following checklist provides suggestions for any third party interested in running v4 software.

Checklist ItemNotes
Prepare pregenesis.json
Finalize validators and coordinate launch
Distribute software and collect Gentx
Distribute final protocol binary + final ‘genesis.json’
Compile list of full nodes for front end
Integrate with data analytics vendorsSuch as Amplitude or other similar providers
Set up data alert vendor(s)Such as Datadog or other similar providers
Set up cloud services providerSuch as Cloudflare or other similar providers
Set up error monitoring and reporting softwareSuch as BugSnag or other similar providers
Network “launch”: start the network (including protocol and indexer)
Deploy seed nodes
Create IBC connection with Noble
Deploy front end web app and iOS app
Create onboarding routesSuch as 0xSquid or CCTP via Noble or other routes