Getting Started
Depositing and User Journeys


Depositing on dYdX Chain

  1. Connect your preferred Ethereum wallet to the dYdX Chain deployment of your choice (e.g. the dYdX Operations Services Ltd. deployment (opens in a new tab)). Support for Cosmos native wallets such as Keplr and Leap coming soon.
  2. Deposit USDC to your DYDX chain address. The default onboarding path uses Circle's Cross Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) on Noble Chain. You can deposit USDC from many origination chains. Read more here (opens in a new tab).

User Journeys

Trading via API

Currently, dYdX natively hosts a TypeScript client. 3rd parties were also commissioned to build working Python and C++ clients.

  1. Links to the correct clients can be found in the chart below:
Client TypeLocationBuilt By
TypeScriptdYdX Repo (opens in a new tab)dYdX Trading Inc.
Python3rd Party Repo (opens in a new tab)Raven DAO
C++3rd Party Repo (opens in a new tab)FastForward
  1. For the Python client please review this setup guide (opens in a new tab) and this user manual (opens in a new tab).

Trading via Web

  1. dYdX Operations Services Ltd. deployment of the dYdX web app at (opens in a new tab)

Trading via Mobile

  1. Download the mobile app for the dYdX Operations Services Ltd. deployment of dYdX Chain iOS (opens in a new tab) or for Android (coming soon)

dYdX Trading Inc. ("dYdX") does not control or operate any public deployments of dYdX Chain. Any use of the dYdX Chain documentation hub and dYdX Chain software is subject to dYdX's Terms and Policies (opens in a new tab).